Can You Use Kylie's Weather Palette If You Are Not A Professional Makeup Artist?

I have read many reviews about many products online.  Everything from aromatherapy to x-rays and I find them unsatisfying.  Some are accurate but a lot are just repeats of the sales ads for the brand or item. I don't really know if its real or if its cosmetic politics.  Most of the reviewers are professional women in the fashion industry, professional makeup artists or models who have aspiring makeup artist do the "look" done for them.  

I went straight to Kylie's site, Sephora's site, Kat Von D and Morphe sites.  I bought what the internet was touting as the best of the new palettes and products.  There were so many that I limited it to eyeshadow and a few highlighters. I spent almost $1000.00 Everything these days, as most of you know, comes in a palette or grouping of colors.  No longer do you have to buy 10 individual colors to make an eye look.  Each palette should help create a look all its own.  If they all had the same set of colors it would be pretty boring.

I then asked my daughter, a young woman who uses makeup on a daily basis to work and school but is not a professional and let her decide what she would review.  

She chose:  Kylie's "Calm Before the Storm" because she had seen a "look" she liked on the internet.     At first look the packaging is very pretty however it lacks a mirror or brush/applicator.  The colors are lightly pigmented and don't have a lot of color payoff. There is also a lot of fall out and "dust" from shadow falls onto the pan.  Sweet Sweet, the metallic baby pink with multicolored pearl is a little chunky looking and is higher than the container.  This may be due to the fact that there is no paraben in Kylie's pressed powders resulting in this fall out effect.  Using paraben would make the metallic powders harder but it is a known phytoestrogen producing a weak estrogenic effect on the body.  Originally , paraben was linked to breast cancer, however after a lot of bru ha ha about parabens causing cancer, the FDA, Scientific Committee on Consumer Safety, Health Canada and the American Cancer Society stated they DID NOT support the claim  that parabens in cosmetics increased risk but............. I................. would rather err on the side of caution and accept a little fall out.

Eva then applied the shadows with a dual eye shadow brush following application of Double Duty Beauty Shape Tape Contour Concealer by TARTE, and a (Tarte) concealer and Eyeshadow Primer Potion Tube by Urban Decay.  She created what she called a "crazy" look.   Eva recommends this palette overall for the  "FUN COLORS" but that it would best be used in addition to another palette  This "Calm Before the Storm Palette" is $40.00 on Kylie's web site only. 

From a spending point of view.  I think it is priced on the high side considering it has no mirror or brush. 

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