Fitness, Fashion and Baseball Today

I’ve been out of the fashion industry for approximately 13 years. You see I owned a Men’s clothing, tuxedo and custom tailoring store in the Jefferson Valley Mall in Yorktown New York.

The old Mom and Pop shop trying to be successful in a Mall. We sold fine man’s suits, sport jackets and sportswear. By sportswear I’m referring to casual clothing. Sport shirts, polos and a like. We were very successful for a few years. Then Enron hit. You remember Enron, the company that lied on their financials which led to the ruin of employees and stock holders alike.  Some of the top-level executives were either committing suicide or being tried for their crimes. “The Enron scandal eventually led to the bankruptcy of the Enron Corporation, an American energy company based in Houston, Texas, and the de facto dissolution of Arthur Andersen, which was one of the five largest audit and accountancy partnerships in the world.”1) In addition, Enron just happened to be the energy supplier to the Simon Malls across the United States.

The way it worked was that Enron would bill the individual stores for their electrical usage. Enron hadn’t sent my business a bill for months. I kept calling them trying to get a bill. Finally, they sent me a bill. By this time the writing was on the wall for this corrupt company. There was a mad scramble to bill all these companies. Imagine my surprise when they sent me a $10,000.00 electric bill. I flat out told them I would not and could not pay it. About this same time 9/11 hit NYC. The Jefferson Valley Mall was approximately 50 miles from the city. Many lives and businesses changed dramatically as a result. My business was no exception. At the same time, I was keeping Enron at bay, sending them small payments, so they would not shut off the electricity. Amazingly enough, or not, they never threatened to turn off their service, nor did they threaten me with a collection agency. After many months of going back and forth, I get a phone call. Enron calling offering to settle the bill for $900.00 and change. By that time, it was about a $10,000.00 difference from their “actual’ bill.   Done deal!

The next few years were extremely difficult just to keep the doors open. Eventually, I packed it in. I was working 7 days a week, 12-15-hour days. In 2003 we were blessed with twins, a boy and a girl. I was working so much, I missed a big portion of their first 2 years. I was done, we weren’t making money any longer and the stress it took on myself and family was too much to bear.

After all these years I find myself, getting back to the clothing industry. I enjoy being well dressed, well groomed. I enjoy the feel of a Turkish, Italian or Egyptian cotton on my skin. The pure wools from the best woolen mills throughout the world.  Once a man puts on a quality garment, made from superior cloth, he never wants to wear anything else.

Dressing, looking and feeling great, does not mean one must “dress up”. It means wearing a great sport shirt, sweater or polo shirt. Be sure your jeans, khakis even shorts are clean and fit well. When you look great you feel great. When you feel great your confidence zooms.

I’ve been scouring the internet, the fashion magazines and people watching. I really like the new tops for men that are innovative, bold and at times artsy. The new colorations are some like we’ve never seen before. For example, Maceoo, Jared Lang both high end shirts made from some of the finest Italian cottons, feel and look great.     I like plain front pants making a comeback. What I don’t care for is the unimaginative tight-fitting suits with their shorter jackets, small lapel. Forgive me, but they look uncomfortable and It’s as if they out grew them or are wearing a borrowed suit that is the wrong size. Gee looks like the 60’s al over again, but smaller.

The shirts I’ve brought into my wardrobe are all tapered. Not tight fitting nor feeling, but a tailored looking garment that could be mistaken as being custom made. Here is where the fitness and fashion today come into play, but more on that venture next time.

Now ladies and gentleman, it’s time for Yankees baseball. Yes, my baby Bronx bombers, facing the Houston Astros. Being the lifelong Yankees fan that I am and have always been, this is truly a very exciting time. The last time I was this excited about a YOUNG Yankees team was 1996, Derek Jeter’s first year. Tell you a little secret, this team is even better. Stay tuned.

Take a look at our website, you’ll see some of the Maceoo line and shortly some Jared Lang also.




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